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Battelure by NachtBeirmann

You've given us a clear picture here; probably one of the first Pokemon you encounter, a Pidgey equavalent. The traits of the actual an...

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Are you sure you want to read this? It's gonna take a while :P

How do you usually find yourself coming up with ideas for new fakemon?

-It's pretty basic, really. Sometimes I see a weird animal somewhere, and try to make something out of that (like Matara). Other times I want to make a certain type, and start browsing other fakemon and different animals that might fit the typing (Chulember). I also visit wikipedia sometimes, and just start rifling through pages, looking for something interesting (Sprike).

What's your favorite fakemon that you've done?

-That might be Cascerb, but I also really like Arachage, Dehedra, Monolit, Matara and Occlusk (who will eventually get an evolution) :)

Ah, a few questions for ya.
1. Have you ever finished and uploaded a design you weren't quite sure about?
2. What kind of mindset do you strive for when you're coming up with new fakemon?
3. What's your opinion on the term "fakemon"?
4. What got you into designing fakemon?
5. If you could choose any three fakemon that you've created thus far to hand directly to gamefreak in the hopes of actually making them into true pokemon for an upcoming game, which ones would you choose?
6. Why Sugomori style?
7. Have you ever wanted to create comics or storylines featuring some of your fakemon and a trainer?
8. Have you ever finished a fakemon and been completely confident that it was exactly what you wanted?
9. What is the inspiration behind your current avatar?
10. Your semi-complete opinion on Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire as it stands so far? Personally I feel the lack of a major improvement over the secret base system sours the experience slightly, and I'm hoping they bring back the Battle Frontier. The other things they've shown so far look great.

-1: Loads of times. I almost always have things I want to improve after sumbitting. There has only been one fakemon I discarded after photoshopping. Some I discarded after drawing, others I haven't put into the dex after making them, like Tsetronic or Wallopod.
2: Originality, cuteness/coolness. Not sure how to answer that question in a better way :I
3: I got used to it, I guess. It only bothers me when people use the acute accent on 'Fake' 
4: Pokemon, ofcourse. Also, regions like Pokemon Acanthite, and the Powermon series :)
5: Cascerb, Dehedra and Monolit
6: Because it's the official Pokemon style :D
7: Yep, but I'm not too good at drawing the same thing in different poses, or backgrounds.
8: ... I'm not sure. Maybe, but that thought probably changed somewhat later.
9: It's actually an older avatar; the whole group is here: Icon Collection I had always put a little white guy in my avatars, not really sure why '^^
10: I don't care all that much for the secret bases. I do really like the contests coming back. With the RSE story, I'm sure it'll be better than XY.

Well, this is not a question, but I just wanted to say that your art is AWESOMEH AND ADORABLEH!!                                   Spinning Awesome Smiley :awesome: awesome smiley animated :awesome: :awesomerainbow: :awesome: awesome smiley animated :awesome: Spinning Awesome Smiley 


The thing I am looking forward to is: Could you possibly help me with creating a Pokedex for my Josen Region
I would be grateful for the help, because I cannot seem to get it to work right for me.

-Pokedex as in a pokedex template? Because I'm not gonna design a whole region of fakemon :I I can help with a template

Hmm.....Let me think.......What kind of question's to ask that no asked yet......

Would you rather have sausage link's for finger's or sweat mayonnaise? (Sorry, sorry. I couldn't resist)

Do the question's have to be Fakemon related or random like my first question?

What's your least favorite Fakemon you created so far?

-I'm going with sweat mayonnaise, because then I wouldn't eat my fingers :U My least favourite pokemon (that's putting it lightly) is probably IGNIGHT, Lighter Pokemon

Do you plan to evolve canon Pokemon in Orugoh? Or Baby Evolutions?

Have any ideas for unique typings like Poison/Electric or Ice/Fairy or Psychic/Ground?

-Claydol is already Psychic/Ground, right? Well, I do have Cactud and Nazcid in there (they respectably evolve into Maractus and Sigliyph) so I might put some more in :) I might do something with those other type combinations.

Who's your favorite pokémon?
Which gen is your favorite?
What pokémon do you want to see get a mega evolution?

Gen 3 or 5, not sure
Drifblim :D

I have some fakemons in my gallery (Cherubell, Fallerihm, and Fallengle are the names), and was wondering if you could remake them? I would be so happy and grateful if you did. :iconiloveitplz:

What gives you ideas for making your own fakemons?

-I don't really do requests, and I'm not really planning on starting commissions up soon, sorry '^^
I answered the question earlier, but I pretty much can get ideas everywhere, at any time :)

Which programs do you use to create your work? :) (Smile)

-Photoshop CS3 (probably not the best way, but it works) I don't use a tablet, but my mouse and the pen tool :)

Do you do commisions?

-Nope, but sometimes I ask what you guys want to see next, so that's something, right?

Where do you get your inspiration?

-Can you people look at the questions that have been asked already :P basicly, everywhere :I

What program do you use? About how long does it take to make a design?

-PSCS3, between 1.5 and 4 hours, roughly :I

What did you eat for dinner last night?

-Fries with fried meat! (Don't worry about my health, it's VERY common in the Netherlands, and extremely delicious; I only weigh 45Kg and can eat anything :I)

why are you so awesome?
whats your fave fakemon?

-You tell me! Cascerb

Which existing Mega Evolution is your favorite? And why?
Which Pokemon would you want to get a Mega Evolution? And why?
If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

-Altaria, because of Altaria
Fried meat (it's hard to explain what it is T-T)

Hmm, what should I ask..



What's your favorite fakemon that you have made?
What's your favorite fakemon that someone else has made?
If you were to take a themed challenge for Fakemon, which would be the first one you'd do?

-Cascerb, OH MY GOD THAT'S A HARD QUESTION! um... um... this one came to mind: germ fakemon again, not sure though :I

I am doing a Fakemon of my own
 ;) (Wink) an Ice/Fairy type~

-Good for you :D

What's your favorite pokemon?
What gen is your favorite?
What pokemon would you most like to see get a mega evolution?
What do you hope to see in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
Where do you get your ideas for your fakemon?

gen 3
Mega Drifblim :I

hm...I don't know what ask lolU

-I don't know what to answer :U

Who is your best friend on dA?
Who is your biggest inspiration?
Do you think teaching art is hard?
Are much more lonely in reality than on dA?
Am I annoying you?

-HARD QUESTIONS I DID NOT EXPECT! I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. :iconmyufi: and :iconneweregion: came to mind, but this journal tells it better: Something about giving thanks

That journal also covers the second question, but I think :iconxous54: was a big inspiration as well.
Teaching art would be hard only because there's no real 'right way' to do it :I
I have friends (went on vacation for a week a month ago with 4 of 'em), but I'd definitely say so, yeah.
Not at all... GoombaPrince on the other hand Roll Eyes 

What do you think of my art? Any advice on the fakemon?

-Kinda wanna know how old you are to judge your art :I It's a decent start. I'd advice starting with drawing them on paper instead of on your PC. Try to draw inspiration from others you admire, use different patterns as design choices, and stick to one pattern per fakemon :)

If you were to do another region, what would the starters' secondary types be?

-Not sure. Grass/Flying, Fire/Electric and Water/Bug could be fun :)

What's your favorite Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game? If you own one of the games, what's the name of your team and the main members?

-Explorers of Sky :D I don't remember the team name, sadly, since it's so logn ago already, but I think I was a Luxray, and my partner a Ninetails. Also, the two Pokemon I took with me whenever I could were a Forretress and a Quagsire :)

So many things to ask! XD Hmmmmm what is your fav Pokemon? Who is your favorite artist? Which game are you going to pick?: Alpha or Omega? Have you ever played Monster Hunter before?

-Altaria/Drifblim, probably Darksilvania, most likely; both! No I have not :I

One question that I forgot to ask before: would you love to make a Fakemon Collab with someone? And who would be? :) (Smile)

-Darksilvania, Pokeluka, DaybreakM and many others that aren't coming to mind atm :)

What is your favorite pokemon that you have made and one really from pokemon

-Cascerb, Altaria/Drifblim


Where'd you get the inspiration for diplovern?

-I went to wikipedia and started rifling through different time periods. I ended up finding the diplocaulus in the Permian period, and I basicly went from there to making it Dragon/Fairy :I



Also, what are your thoughts on these two songs?……

-You should probably talk to him :I I should know, I'm kinda in the same predicament T-T WHY MUST WE BE SO SHY!? 

... that's one way to end this Q&A...





stay tuned ;)


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Lex Schilperoord
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Welcome! Good to have you here :)

I'm Lex, and this is my profile on dA. Feel free to click around in your spare time, or when procrastinating :)

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Think u can help me with my idea for mega Hitmons

Mega Hitmonlee

+Atk +Def -spe

Ability- Foot Work ( kicking version of Iron Fist)

Mega Hitmonchan

+Atk +Def +Spd -spe

Ability- filter

Mega Hitmontop

Don't know what to boost

Ability- Spinning Top ( any spinning move such as rapid spin, rolling kick etc. rids your field of obstacles and throws em to your opponent's field

So what u think?
Smiley-Fakemon Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty neat, and doing the Hitmons is quite a good idea too :)
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Maybe :)
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